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    Welcome to the Marchen Studios. This is our home for thoughts, our business, our dreams, and our play time. When I say we, I mean Martina and me, her daughter Jess. Our biggest desire is to help generate a sense of community within artists in order to help challenge and inspire one another to grow in creativity and and in life. Let your artist out to come play with us.
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We have moved!

Okay, there are still some bugs to work out but at least the blog is up and running again. Hopefully soon we will have an online store as well. So Check out our new home at www.marchenstudios.com

And please update your links and bookmarks.



Patience Please

Okay, so in an effort to expand how we can serve you artists best at Marchen Studios we are rearranging, reorganizing and redoing our website. So, if you normally get here from http://www.marchenstudios.com, you may need to change your address to www.marchenstudios.wordpress.com and if you send me an email in the next few days, I may not get it, so please just be patient and try again next week.

I hope this all works out well because, well, web master I am not, but I’m learning just like the rest of the world. I think it will be awesome, just be patient…

(to myself) just be patient…


Back to the Blog…

This is just a quick note to let you all know I’m still alive. Getting ready for the seventh was pretty hectic, one of the reasons for a lack of Sneak peeks 6 and 7, but it is over and it was a success. We learned a lot and have a lot of information to process through and all that jazz. But, today is a (much needed) day of rest and so I promise pictures will be up soon as well as some of the things that didn’t sell so all you fans from out of state can get a chance to buy our artsy stuff :). See you later,


Sneak Peek 5

Here it is. We can’t wait.

Hope you are as excited as we are.

Sneak Peek 5

Don’t forget to Register if you want to attend the workshop.

Sneak Peek 4

Here is Sneak Peek #4!

Can’t wait to see you all on Friday!


Tortured Artist…

I found this fun Quiz on the Art News Blog.  It’s from Fuali.com I usually do not post these but I felt it was all too fitting not to post it.

I am  51% tortured artist.

Tortured Artist Quiz

Even more fun was to find out that I am 41% Geek.

Geek Test

What about you?


Sneak Peek 3

Sorry this is so late tonight guys, I had a full day.

Sneak Peek           Sneak Peek 3b

I also just wanted to clarify a few things about Friday:

1. If you would like to be part of the workshop we would really appreciate you letting us know ahead of time so we know how many people to count. You can get more information and register at www.regonline.com/MSevent1

2. If you do not want to be part of the workshop please come anyways. There is still lots of other things to do.

3. For payment for the workshop or to purchase anything that evening we can only accept cash or checks.

Hope to see you all Friday!

Other questions? You can probably find the answers here.